Crescent Moonset over Teton Pass, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Written by wade on July 14, 2009 – 5:20 pm -

Time-lapse photo by Wade McKoy—Two days after the new moon, this time-lapse photo shows the crescent moon setting over Teton Pass as the evening darkness settles on Jackson Hole, followed by star movement throughout the night. In the first treatment I used Photoshop to brighten the night exposures, which also shows a lot of “noise.” I then built it again without brightening the night sky. Car lights are seen coming down the highway over the pass, and I spotted several meteorites (shooting stars). The scene then cuts to sunrise the following morning.

Technical data during moonset: Mode—time value, shutter speed .8 sec (exposures over one second will show the motion of the moon and blur it); ISO—100; Interval between photos—one minute; Total time—50 minutes

Technical Data during night exposure: Mode—Program (the camera set the exposure length at 15 seconds); ISO—400; Interval between photos—three minutes; Total time—over five hours

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