Brad Gamble service on Saturday

Written by wade on September 18, 2009 – 4:58 pm -

Our friend Brad Gamble passed away recently. A memorial service will be held at Nora’s Fish Creek Inn on Saturday, September 19, at 5 p.m.

The following was provided by his family.

Brad will be remembered for his generous spirit, zest for living, and loyalty to his many friends and family. His two brothers and parents, Anne and Walter Gamble of Massachusetts, look forward to welcoming friends at the remembrance gathering. In lieu of flowers, contributions in Bradley’s name may be made to Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences, P.O. Box 1770, Manomet, MA 02345.

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4 Responses to “Brad Gamble service on Saturday”

  1. By Theo Meiners on Sep 23, 2009 | Reply

    Its so hard for me to understand why
    It is so hard not to break and cry
    He came to the Chugach to say goodbye
    He wanted to go where the mountains touch the sky
    To see one last time his mountains and friends
    He piled some stones to mark the trail to the sky
    It is where his friend DC learned to fly, the Stairway to Heaven we call
    this place
    I heard from him his humble praise the day they went back to mark this place
    He asked me why, with tears in his eyes, there were no stones of grace stacked to touch the sky?
    I promised that by the fireside, I would never leave again
    So he started again up the path of faith, I promised soon we would replace
    all the forgotten stones grace and surround His Love with respect and faith
    I followed his steps to this holy place and surrounded his stones with
    respect not moving a stone that he placed
    If you ever go to this holy place, you can see forever his soul and grace
    Why did it take one man of grace? To guide us all back from dis grace
    I know him now, he guides me to the stairway of faith, My friend Brad the guide who brought us back to the Stairway to Heaven
    Brad you are a guide among sheppards, a leader of souls, a friend to all
    Eternal love and everlasting peace
    Friend Guide Theo

  2. By kendall bascom on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply

    I am so saddened at the loss of my lifetime friend Bradley.

    I will always remember our summers at the point and times at the boathouse…lol

    My biggest regret is not being able to get out there this year to ski.

    I was hopeing this would finally be the year.
    You would have to have given me a break though since Im a eastern bump skier. 🙂

    Ill never forget you.

  3. By kendall bascom on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply

    ps 1SPS dude…!

  4. By Michael on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    I met Brad at small restaurant on the outskirts of Jackson back in 2002 -2003. Wearing his infamous Jackson Lumber Jacket.

    New to the area he often met out with me and some of my other newly made friends to have a good time and have good conversation.

    As our friendship, conversations and interests in both the outdoors and sailing grew apparent I knew that Brad would be a person I could count on as a friend.

    We had shared stories about sailing Melges ESCOWS and talked about the varies places we had sailed – his passion for sailing up in Montana and his love for the sport was obvious. He often invited me along – great fella.

    I plan to Visit Jackson in July 2010 (just coming up) and was just discussing with some friends of whom are coming along about how fun Brad would be to meet up with.

    So here I am… Searching for a way to contact Brad to let him know I’m coming to town and wondering why it’s been impossible.

    Thus, Began the web search…

    I came across this page and am deeply saddened that Brad is no longer with us.

    —- Brad you have touched the lives of everybody that knew you in a very special way. We will all miss you dearly.

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