Volkl Nanuq skis, skins, and 2011 Marker F12 touring bindings

Written by Eric Rohr on May 6, 2010 – 2:21 pm -

I recently got the opportunity ski some fresh powder on Teton Pass and test out Volkl Nanuq touring skis with fitted climbing skins and the 2011 Marker F12 touring binding.  The Nanuq ski comes from the same mold as the original Volkl Mantra, with the same sidecut of 134-94-113, but without a sheet of metal, making it a bit lighter for touring.  The Nanuq skied like the Mantra, very versatile, great in powder, but stiff enough for hardpack and variable snow conditions.

Based on the same design as the Marker Duke, but over 30% lighter, the Tour F12 is an alpine style touring binding with a max DIN of 12 and weighs in at 1790 grams, about 12% lighter than the current Fritschi Freeride binding. Having a solid alpine design, the F12's downhill ski performance was excellent, very precise with better power transfer and edge grip than other any other touring binding I've skied.  The F12 toured well with a 2 position climbing bar for steeper terrain, one drawback I found, same as the Duke, was the binding must be removed to change from downhill ski mode into touring mode, but the downhill ski performance more than made up for this.

The custom skins come pre-trimmed to the skis, and have unique key lock design tip attachment preventing slippage.  The tail attaches with a sliding metal clip, similar to the Black Diamond and G3 skins.  The Hole in the ski tip could be used to build an improvised rescue sled. Volkl Nanuq, and Marker F12 touring binding, Teton Pass, WY

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  1. By David Shoultz on May 12, 2011 | Reply

    I know that you posted this last year, but I am curious about the length of the skis that you Nanuqs that you got to ski.  Were they 177cm or 184cm?  I have heard good things and in the market for a new randonee setup.  Thanks for the info.

  2. By Eric Rohr on May 12, 2011 | Reply

    I tested the 184cm

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