Ski Industry Trivia

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Here's some interesting ski industry trivia from

  • K2 bought 7 molds for $35,000, they used these molds to create Full Tilt.
  • The bird associated with Rossignol is not a Rooster, it is a Nightingale.
  • All 2010 – 2011 Armada and Salomon Skis are made by Atomic
  • Dalbello and Volkl/Marker are NOT teaming up in the US.
  • In 1991, 1.3 Million skis were sold to retailers in the US, in 2008 350K were sold to retailers in the US.
  • Domino's Pizza does more business in one year than the entire Ski and Snowboard industry.
  • K2 and Volkl are owned by the same company Jarden Corporation
  • #1 Selling ski of All-Time, the Salomon X-Scream….. was made by Fischer.
  • Scott Skis are made by Fischer.
  • Nordica Skis are made by Blizzard, before this they were made by Elan.
  • 4FRNT Skis are made by Elan
  • Bob McKnight, CEO/Co-Founder of Quiksilver, owns the patent to reverse camber technology, patent went through Winter 2010
  • Nordica Enforcer and Tecnica Agent 120, are made from the same mold.
  • The average cost to make one mold for a ski boot, each size is a different mold, is $100K
  • The average cost to make a mold for a ski, each size is a different mold, is $3K
  • The Ski Monster has seen most of the 2011 – 2012 product already

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