New Blizzard 2012 Bodacious and Cochise Powder Skis

Written by admin on February 24, 2011 – 2:34 pm -

Yesterday I got the opportunity to test out the new 2012 Blizzard Bodacious powder skis.  A totally new model from the Austrian ski maker, the Bodacious sports a full sidewall, laminate construction, with a side cut of 142-118-132.  Designed with input from pro-rider Arne Backstrom, they feature an early rise rockered tip, subtle rockered tail and are perfectly flat under foot.  I found this model to be leaps and bounds above the older Blizzard boards.  They skied much like a wide, rockered GS ski, though didn't feel as stiff on the snow as they did when I flexed them in the shop.  The Bodacious proved to be very versatile, stable on ice and hardpack, even at high speeds, and skied like a dream in powder, very floaty, stable and quick at the 186cm length. 

I also, tested the Blizzard Cochise.  The little brother of the Bodacious, the Cochise is 108 under foot, with the same construction and early rise design.  The Cochise skied just like a narrower Bodacious, much more versatile in tighter terrain, and still great in powder.

Overall a 2 thumbs up!  I was sad to have to bring these back to the shop at the end of the day.  I definitely recommend trying a pair if you have the means.

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3 Responses to “New Blizzard 2012 Bodacious and Cochise Powder Skis”

  1. By Cole on Oct 12, 2011 | Reply

    If you had to chose between the two, which would you pick?

  2. By wade on Oct 12, 2011 | Reply

    Well, it depends where you’re skiing and in what kind of snow conditions. The Bodacious is definitely what you want for deep powder and big terrain. The Cochise is more versatile for in-bounds shredding, tighter terrain, and more variable snow conditions.

  3. By great north west on Nov 12, 2011 | Reply

    just purchased the bodacious 186, from bobgreenwoods ski haus,  Lookin forward to trackin up Stevens Pass, Mt. Baker and Crystal Mountain.  Let ya know how it goes.

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