Wyoming Highways Map 1942

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If you were traveling Wyoming’s highways 60 years ago, you would have used this as your guide.  A friend found this 1942 Wyoming Highway map at an auto show and brought it to us.

Pretty much every major highway route, except the interstates, was in place then. In the greetings from Governor Nels H. Smith, he boasted that "You will like our delightfully cool summer climate, and our highways–now 94 per cent hard-surfaced."

The map also included air routes with "Official Air Lanes,"  which were most likely  IFR navigation i.e. " I-Follow-Road."  
For Wyoming map buffs, it included the obscure Appollinaris Spring in Yellowstone National Park. This small feature evidently made a bigger impression on an early cartographer than did many more prominent features such as the Grand Prismatic Spring.  That has been an enduring mystery about the official map.

Does anyone know when the first Wyoming Highway map showed up?

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