Volkl One & Two 2013 Powder Ski Test

Written by Eric Rohr on March 11, 2013 – 3:44 pm -

After weeks of anticipation I finally got to test out the new Volkl One and Two powder skis at the Powder Magazine 2013 Ski Test.  Both skis sport a new design featuring full rocker and a narrow, shark nose, profile tip, with the sidecut starting a bit lower down tip than most traditional skis.  The Volkl One proved to be more versatile than I expected, carving surprisingly well on groomers and hardpack for such a wide ski.  With a sidecut of 138_116_130 the 186cm One shines in soft snow and powder, but is maneuverable enough to make tighter turns in the resort when needed.  The One definitely found it's calling when taken to bigger terrain in the side-country, where it was fast and floaty in powder. Here's a quick POV video from a run with the Volkl crew and ski film star Ian MacIntosh.

Volk One

Length   Radius     Sidecut
156        (16.3)     138_116_130
166        (19.7)     138_116_130
176        (23.5)     138_116_130
186        (27.51)   138_116_130


I also tested the Volkl Two, a wider and slightly stiffer version of the One.  At 124mm under foot and fully rockered as well, the Two is definitely a full blown powder ski perfect for backcountry and sidecountry missions.  The 186cm Two skied very much like the One, but with more float and stability for charging at higher speeds.  The Two was also very impressive on harpack and in variable snow, carving through suncrust and wind drifts without a problem.  The Volkl Two will be my go-to powder ski for 2014!

Length   Radius     Sidecut
176      (24.2)     146_124_138
186      (28.2)     146_124_138
196      (32.5)     146_124_138


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