Save the VC!

Written by admin on April 4, 2013 – 3:02 pm -

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Come out and celebrate at the Village Café this Sunday, April 7. Affectionately known as the VC, they will be closing their doors on Sunday after a 20 year run. The VC is the last of a long run of popular bar & eateries at that location, beginning with the Rendezvous Bar in the mid 1960s, and later as the Bear Claw Café, home of the original Gelande Quaff Championships.
The Village Center is slated for replacement starting this fall. Originally called the Seven Levels Inn, the building has been a fixture in Teton Village since the opening of the resort in 1965.
A “Save the VC” movement is underway. Write a letter of support of their retail liquor license bid on April 16. Send it to  Tweet & Instagram  #savethevc and like and share on ‘Save the VC’ facebook page.

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